At MOVE TO NOURISH we are driven by one desire.
To let people know that THEY HAVE CHOICE.


Our Values


We promote knowledge for personal empowerment. We see each person as the one true authority in their own life and we provide the information, guidance and techniques that supports them.


Our ability to recognise, cultivate and activate our creative impulses give each and every one of us enormous power to make changes occur in our lives, but also to collectively improve the quality of our connection with each other and with the planet.


The body and mind have almost limitless potential to learn and form new neural pathways until the day we die. Harness this amazing technology that we all have access to is the key to self-evolution, changing unhelpful habits and unleashing massive change in our lives.


While many of us have lost connection with our own bodies, with each other and with the natural world, we all have the power to rekindle that connection and re-commit to the importance of love, joy and community.

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Our Founder

I’m the founder and CEO of Move To Nourish.

I came to this work through my training and certification in the Feldenkrais Method and Zen Shiatsu, which provided many of the tools I use.

But my passion for unlocking people’s creativity and freedom goes back further to my roots as a dancer and creative movement teacher. It was then I realised how movement and wellbeing were fundamentally linked and that by learning to pay attention to subtle sensations in the body and then exploring (playing with) those sensations, people underwent amazing transformations not only in their body but in their life.

I’ve been through my own experience of soul-crushing pain (and overcoming it myself). Let me tell you about that


Our People

The people we work with are go-getters, action-takers, and resourceful adventurers in life. They are hungry to learn, ask questions and acquire new knowledge. They know that, despite the difficulties they have encountered, there must be a way: not only to overcome the pain, but to flourish, grow, and expand as human beings.

These people keep alive the flame of hope: to feel free, easy and light in their body again; to feel strong, agile and energetic; to release the worry and anxiety about what if or to have to calculate what they can do; to stop having to constantly think about their body and moving or doing an activity; to have the freedom to just do and not worry; to get back to a life they recognize.

These people know that to get better they need a helping hand, but it needs to be the right kind of help: they don’t want numbing, straining, pushing or fixing ; they want empowering, life-affirming, and intelligent support. They want a simple path to move out of struggle and toward flow and ease.