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Science has demonstrated the power of awareness and mindbody practices in resolving chronic pain many times over. 

  • Cognitive awareness helps you to neutralize stress and minimize fear.

  • Sensory awareness helps your nervous system to heal and self-regulate. 

  • Emotional awareness helps you to process your experiences with greater ease and stay connected with the present.

After over a decade of experience with awareness based practices, I now know why awareness works and exactly how to harness it to get amazing results. 

Through The Feldenkrais Method® (a mindbody movement practice) and life coaching, I offer my clients a comprehensive approach that synthesizes mind and body awareness tools seamlessly.

Watch the free work to find out more or book your consult (link above) to find out if I can help you. 

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Our Values


My aim is to empower you with knowledge. I see you person as the one true authority in your own life. I provide the information, guidance and techniques to support you in that role.


Your ability to recognize, cultivate and activate your creative impulses gives you enormous power to make change occur in your life. And to create a life you want to live moment by moment.


Your body and mind have almost limitless potential to learn and form new neural pathways until your last breath. Harnessing this amazing technology is the key to breaking the cycle of chronic habits and unleashing change in your life.


Many of us have lost touch with our own body, with each other and with the natural world. And we all have the potential to rekindle that connection and to access the nourishment of love, joy and community waiting for us.

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