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"This seemed to nail it for me. I don’t need to look any further now. The answers are within my body. I’m not going to do any other program ever. I don’t need anything else.

"If I’d started with this, I really believe I could have avoided the surgery and all the atrophy of the muscles that went with that."




"My pain has gone down to zero. I’m very comfortable with my elbow, there is no residue of pain, to the extent that I forgot that I’d even had it. My body has forgotten there was pain there."

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I can't tell you how amazed I am at how much difference this is all making


(Yoga instructor and former head teacher)

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Molly’s classes have equipped me with numerous strategies for taking action. I have gained greater mobility in my joints and am back into being active after years of inertia. The main benefits to me have been being helped to focus and listen to what my body is telling me.


I feel really privileged to have been one of Molly's students for the last 3 years. Her classes & workshops have allowed me to reorganise my relationship with my body. I still can't describe it but I recommend you give it a go. Hopefully you will learn to love the Feldenkrais Method like me.


I love Molly’s classes. She is an empathic, warm and heart centered teacher. Her classes always leave room for you to be yourself, connect with your own body in your way. She always encourages you to listen to your body and do the moves that are right for your body as opposed to have to follow a set of exercises because it is the class routine."

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The biggest win is that I’m in less pain. But I also have a whole different approach to pain. I don’t say I’m in pain anymore. I say I’m in discomfort. 

I have a whole different approach to my body. So when I go walking it’s a really different experience from just feeling like I couldn’t walk. Now it’s like, what happens if I do that? A sense of play and experiment. A sense of humour, even. Just really being able to be open minded about the fact that in each situation I could see and do it differently. That’s a pretty big change for me.


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After one class I never had to take the pain medication for my hip prescribed by my GP. My yoga practice and classes are still inspired by Molly.


Had a revelation last lesson - from virtually not being able to feel the movement in my pelvis to almost a full 3D awareness of the pelvis! Felt great the rest of the day. So thank you very much.


I’ve discovered movement I didn’t even know I had.

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