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About Me

I love helping people feel free and comfortable in their body.  My focus is to empower you with the knowledge, awareness and experience you need to live pain free. I see you as the one true authority in your own life. I provide the information, guidance and techniques to support you in that role.

It was my own process of tending to myself that helped me to truly resolve my migraines, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain and back pain issues.

I bring my clients over 15 years of experience in the areas of movement function, somatic wisdom and awareness practices . I trained Zen Shiatsu because it was beautiful and powerful and provided a link to parts of life I could not see. I trained in The Feldenkrais Method® because it allowed me to study the subtle detail of how the mind takes shape in the body and how the shape of the body informs the mind. 

My Philosophy

Awareness, clarity and radical acceptance is what opens the door to lasting pain relief. Our organic intelligence is far greater than any reductive part of our cognition.  ​The key is to release resistance anywhere we find it and embrace the full spectrum of our colourful, multi-layered humanity. 

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