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  • Molly Jaeger

Episode 13: The Quickest Way To Resolve Chronic Pain

It’s not diet. It’s not exercise. . .

It’s. . .

In this episode I cover a new article on a fairly new process for resolving chronic back pain called Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) that was recently researched with amazing results. I’m not surprised because it’s part of the process I know and bring into my practice also with amazing results. But it’s great to know that more of the medical community is catching on AND I love sharing evidence with YOU so YOUR BRAIN learns more about what’s possible! Cos that’s what this podcast is all about!


I talk about exactly what it is that my unique process includes that most other therapies don’t. I explain why it is so effective and how to utilize it yourself. You can use it to your benefit so listen in and learn about how you can get started.

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