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  • Molly Jaeger

Episode 16: The Truth About Anxiety

In this week’s episode I talk about a simple shift you can make that has the potential to change your relationship with anxiety forever. I share 2 other important keys to approaching anxiety in a way that helps to lessen its impact on your mind and life.

PLUS: An exciting announcement. . .

February 14-18 I am teaching a FREE 5-day mini course: Resolve Chronic Pain Movement Week. It’s going to be amazing and I’m even giving away prizes because I want to motivate you to show up.

After 5 days you will experience a shift. You can find out more and make sure you get access by going to any of the following links.

-Facebook Event Page: Make sure you click “Going” to qualify for the prizes!

-From Pain To Empowerment Facebook Group:

-Move To Nourish Facebook Page:

-Sign up to my email list at my website:

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