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Episode 6: Conscious Creativity

Conscious Creation

In this week’s episode I talk about ideas from Lavinia Plonka’s workshop, Opening Your Treasure Chest, which is coming up on Saturday November 20th.

According to Lavinia we are always creating our lives, but not always consciously. This has far-reaching implications, especially where our health and wellbeing is concerned.

In exploring the meaning of the words ‘conscious’ and ‘creation’, I discuss the often disempowering feeling that we do not have choice in our situation, and how we can exercise the idea of having conscious choice even in these situations.

When we create thoughts unconsciously we are often harming ourselves. So how can we become consciously present to what we want to create in our lives (without holding ourselves to perfection, of course)?

We all have a consciousness, and this gives us great power, should we choose to use it.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Opening Your Treasure Chest with Lavinia Plonka, or to sign up.

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