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Transformational Pain Relief

For Discerning People Craving An Intelligent Solution That Actually Works

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Now You Can Treat Migraines And Other Pain Symptoms Successfully With A HOLISTIC Mindbody Approach. 

I see you dear Seeker of a BETTER Option.
You've tried SO many different things. . . from alternative medicine and yoga to ointments and diet changes to therapy and the newest meditation app. . .

You've been through the highs of hope when you discovered a new option and the lows of defeat when it didn't  work. Maybe you've even tried mindbody methods already. . . but feel stuck in the process. . . 

You. are. not. alone.

And, you're right, there is something missing.

It's like the harder you try the more elusive the desired result seems to get. 

Yes, there are key components to getting lasting, genuine relief. . . 

There are the 'things' you do, but the real difference lies in HOW you do them. 

When you understand the process of change in your body, mind and nervous system. . .

(That is, the way to disrupt old habits and build new neural pathways.)

You can finally break through your biggest health blocks and start
CREATING the RELIEF you want. 

It's not rocket science. . . it's neuroscience. 

You can learn what works just right for you.  

And apply it. . .

When you do you CAN go from. . .


  • Exhausted and Frustrated to. . . Replenished and Carefree


  • On edge and Anxious to. . . Grounded and Empowered

  • Stuck and Uncertain to. . . Resilient and Confident

Girl by the Sea

When a diagnosis or new information doesn't lead to effective ways to actually resolve
pain, but a life of
pain management. . .

  • Maybe you're stuck with results that feel incomplete.

  • Maybe you feel drained by always working on yourself.

  • Maybe you just want to enjoy your one precious life instead of dealing with pain (or the threat of it) nagging at your brain all the time.

  • Maybe you're ready to dig deep and embrace yourself now as much as the change you want to want to live into. . .

Recognize any of this? Then read on Dear Friend. . .

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Meet Transformational Pain Relief

Welcome to a comprehensive, neurosomatic process designed to help you get to the root cause, inspire you and give you the clarity you are searching for. . . 

The reason you keep experiencing setbacks and persistent pain despite trying all the things, is not because there is something wrong with you. . .


It's that there's something wrong with the approaches you've tried. Pain that doesn't go away is not just physical. . . it's emotional, psychological and physiological.

That means you need an integrative approach that works on all layers. 

YES, Transformational Pain Relief brings together the most advanced techniques and tested practices across disciplines that have been identified to replenish and regulate your nervous system, rewire your pain pattern at the neural level.


And a few more key ingredients that make it actually work. . .

Transformational Pain Relief Orignal Designs.png

Welcome TO


Mahani A

“I'm completely comfortable. There is no residue of pain. It's like my body has forgotten there was pain there. All my daughters say it's amazing."

Anne W

"I was walking and it was an absolute delight to think 'I haven't got any pain anywhere!' What surprised me was the speed that the change came about.”
Amy Scott.jpeg

Amy S

“I had a migraine and did what we did together on our call. I did not freak out and didn't even take rescue meds. Then unplugged and have felt great since then - WAY better than last week!!! ”

How Does It Work?


The way out of pain is to teach yourself that it's possible. The truth is your body will not choose pain if two conditions are met: 

1. It has another option

2. It can find that option

Transformational Pain Relief is like a streamlined, participatory course in embodied awareness that gives you access to those options. Awareness acts as a catalyst that effortlessly ignites the natural healing potential of your nervous system.

3 Pillars Of Transformational Pain Relief

Wellness Coach

- BODY -


Discover your power to create the conditions internally for your nervous system to repair, self-regulate and function smoothly without chronic symptoms.

  • Release chronic tension

  • Activate Rest, Relax, Digest mode

  • Anchor in a FELT sense of safety

  • Increase your sensory awareness


 - MIND -

Demystify pain and the mindbody connection as you identify your neural patterns in thoughts, behaviors and movements keeping you stuck in old habits.

  • Get clear on the root cause  

  • Retrain your brain's response to pain

  • Discover your emotional resiliency 

  • Build empowered beliefs

Smiling Portrait


Develop new neural pathways for ease, confidence and resilience as you move toward the life you want and into empowered conscious creation. 

  • Expand your movement safely 

  • Do more of what you enjoy gradually

  • Embody change at every level

  • Shift from relief into joy

What would it be like to experience. . .

  • Resilience and confidence

  • Trust in your body and yourself

  • Lightness and ease 

  • Increased energy

  • Great sleep

  • Deep sense of calm and emotional stability

  • Clear mind 

  • Freedom to be active and pursue physical activity

An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea

Who Does This Work For?

Many symptoms respond well to this comprehensive mindbody approach. . . 

Migraines - Chronic Headaches - Nerve Pain - Fibromyalgia - Neck & Back pain - Hip, Knee or Foot Pain - Interstitial Cystitis - Sciatica - FAI - Hip or Shoulder Impingement - TMJ - Pelvic Pain - POTS - Bursitis - Long Covid - and more

This nervous system based program also helps with. . .

Sleep - Digestion - Anxiety - Depression/Melancholy - Indecisiveness - Focus - ADHD symptoms - Insecurity - Irritability - General stiffness - Mood swings

Debbie S

"I never had to use the pain medication for my hip prescribed by my GP." 

Vanessa V

"This seemed to nail it for me. If I’d started with this, I really believe I could have avoided the surgery and all the atrophy of the muscles that went with that."

Margaret M

"I've discovered movement I didn't even know I had."

Transformational Pain Relief is a 3-month holistic program incorporating highly effective,  proven practices and techniques including. . .

  • Mindbody Focused Coaching 

  • Pain Reprocessing Therapy

  • Awareness Through Movement® of The Feldenkrais Method®

  • Emotional Processing

  • Guided Visualization 

  • Expressive Writing

  • Transformational Writing

  • Pain Retraining

  • Biofeedback

  • Breathwork

  • Organic Intelligence

  • Somatic Tracking

Wheat field

"Learn to nourish your nervous system and it will nourish your life."

Molly Jaeger

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